Working with Hesketh James isn’t just about finding your next role or assignment

It is about beginning a relationship that will last through the years.

Work is such an intrinsic part of people's lives.  You must enjoy it and feel fulfilled, and that only happens when you have the right job.

We begin by getting to know you.  We will find out about your motivations and your aspirations, and importantly we will take time to understand your skills. We are adamant that candidates deserve honesty. This may mean asking tough questions or asking people to think differently about opportunities.  Only then can we match you with the right roles.

Once we have matched you with a role or assignment, we will give you all the preparation you need to ensure that you are fully prepared for any interviews.

We are selective about the candidates we work with because our clients only want those with the right attitude.  Similarly, we know that you are not interested in any job. It must be right for you.

Once you begin working with one of our clients, we communicate to make sure that you are happy.  We don’t just leave and forget about you.